Rick Lintack, B.E.S., B.Arch., OAA, MRAIC, LEED® AP


Founder 1995

Angel Lintack

Human Resources, Administration & Accounting Manager

Founder 1995

John DeSimone, OAA, MRAIC, LEED® AP


With us since 1995

Gisella Gennaccaro, Dipl. Accounting

Administration and Accounting

With us since 1998

Sarah Brown, Dipl. Arch. Tech

Architectural Technologist

With us since 2000

Andrew Robinson, B. Arch., Sc.

Architectural Technologist

With us since 2010

Julie Ritchie, BA, Dipl. Interior Design, NCIDQ

Interior Design

With us since 2013

Julia Lintack, BA

Associate Ergonomist, Design Assistant

With us since 2015

Ian Koerssen, Dipl. Arch. Tech.

Architectural Technologist

With us since 2019

Firm Profile

Lintack Architects Incorporated was founded on and remains a practice based on the fundamentals of a team approach. Specific job titles, which may tend to limit individual responsibility are not used. We work in an open studio setting devoid of partitions and office walls where open communication is enhanced.

Rick Lintack
Angel Lintack
John DeSimone
Gisella Gennaccaro
Sarah Brown
Andrew Robinson
Julie Ritchie
Julia Lintack
Ian Koerssen